Liquid Flux

Halogen free wave soldering flux

Hydrophobic residue prevents migration

By adopting a special rosin, JS-EU-31 achieved excellent hydrophobicity compared to regular organic acid based flux. Long exposure to humid conditions does not result in moisture absorption, and thus high electrical reliability is maintained.

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Rosin-free wave soldering flux, Ultra Low Residue

Less solid content for a beautiful finish

JS-EU-01 is made by special preparation which doesn't use rosin at all, realizing a beautiful finish where flux residue after soldering is hardly visible.

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VOCs free water based wave soldering flux

Easier management being non-dangerous goods

By using pure water instead of IPA, JS-3000V-3 completely removed VOCs. There is no handling regulation for JS-3000V-3 as dangerous goods in international transportations or storage, which reduces transportation costs and opens up dangerous goods storage room.

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